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Electric installation work Electric laboratory Energy audit

«Fenix-elktro» — scientific and technical firm, which is engaged in introduction of new digital technologies associated with the energy saving process, complex protection electricity consumers, as well as automation and dispatching production processes. Introduction of new technologies finds application in production, technological and household sectors.

Production and scientific-technical potential of the company, the accumulated experience and highly qualified specialists perform the whole complex of works, necessary to the Customer:

• Technical audit and identification of the causes of increased electricity costs;
• Design, calculation and introduction of energy saving and protective equipment;
• Automation of technological processes control;
• Dispatching and remote control (inferring information about operation of the equipment on a PC with a possibility of remote control and receipt of the Protocol mechanisms - working current, on, off times, the causes of the emergency power off) with the savings from 10 to 40% of electricity and 100% of salary;
• Electrical installation, commissioning, warranty and service maintenance of equipment (license 039446);
• Works on repair, modernization and replacement of electrical equipment;
• Conducting of all types of measurements with the issuance of the acts of the established sample (the electrical laboratory, St- VL 221/2012).

Application of our microprocessor-based protection devices and control allows to provide:

• Control and display of operating current of the motor.
• Remote monitoring and control of the condition of the motor.
• Automatic reset accidents and re-start the motor, time delayed.
• Enabling/disabling motor signals from sensors.

Motor protection is provided when:

• Invalid over-current during start and in the operating mode;
• Cliff one or two phases;
• Asymmetry of the supply voltage;
• Idling motor;
• Overheating the windings of electric motor stator.

Use our energy-saving equipment allows to solve the following tasks:

• reduce the active power consumption, with the same characteristics of the consumer;
• ensure the physical feasibility of energy of any object, consume electrical energy;
• significantly reduce energy consumption;
• to reduce the payment for the consumed electricity (for active and reactive energy);
• ensure that the power supply cable with a smaller cross-section;
• avoid a deep slump voltage on the power supply to remote customers;
• reduce the load on the power transformers (with a decrease in the consumption of reactive power consumption is reduced power);
• provide power to the load on the cable with a smaller cross-section (without overheating insulation);
• due to partial discharge current transformers and power cables to connect the additional load;
• to provide heat pumps of various designs, air conditioners, freezers and cold rooms (reduction of inrush currents, phase alignment, active power consumption savings of up to 40%);
• save the hydrocarbon fuel (diesel, petrol, gas) for power generation (any generation capacity - power generators, gas generators, petrol and diesel generators);
• eliminate unbalance.

We are interested in cooperation with You and are confident in its mutual reciprocity, and are therefore ready to assist You with information and conduct negotiations in a form convenient for You, and at any time.

Always glad to offer highly efficient equipment, comfortable forms of financing and reasonable prices.



Electric installation work Electric laboratory Energy audit